Filter by WOT

a customizable web filter, powered by WOT

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The power of WOT is now in your hands

With Filter, you choose which websites to trust and allow on your browser. You can use it to hide adult content, or even just to avoid spoilers for your favorite TV show!

Get to know Filter

WOT simplicity, just like you're used to

Filter sits subtly in your Chrome omnibar, instead of the toolbar, with two simple options for each site: Block or Trust, as well as a quick link to the site's WOT scorecard.


Customize your block page

Choose which actions present themselves according to who will be using Filter.

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Cool and random features

  1. Block History Filter can show you when and why a web page was blocked.
  2. Password Protect Filter gives you the ability to enable password protection to restrict changing settings or bypassing blocks.
  3. Import & Export Take your Filter with you when you move with easy backup.